art-bellIt was a really sad revelation to hear that Art Bell had passed into the great beyond. I don’t usually get too upset about celebrities passing on; after all, I don’t actually know them. Yet, when I heard about Bell passing on, I had that same sad feeling I had when Tom Petty slipped away. In the case of Petty, it was announced online that he’d died, then we found out that that news wasn’t entirely accurate and that he wasn’t dead “yet” but was close to death, and it was at that point I had really hoped he’d pull through.

With the internet as it is, and the amount of hoaxes and fake death stories (Sylvester Stallone comes to mind, and I remember Frank Stallone tweeting about how these stories upset their mother) hearing that Art Bell had passed had me hoping it was just another fake story. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Art-Bell-TarotWhen we began creating a lot more of our Tarot decks, in particular the Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot and Twisted Tarot Tales, we used to listen to Coast to Coast reruns at night along with Midnight In The Desert.  Art Bell was such a big influence to us, that we even immortalized him into one of our UFO themed cards in the Twisted Tarot Tales. In the 8 of Wands card, Art steps out of a small trailer for a smoke in Pahrump, Nevada.

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Chinese Propaganda Tarot PDF

chinese-tarot-artOn the 28th of January 2017 we officially released the Winter Chinese Propaganda Deck and have complete the free downloadable printable PDF that goes along with it.

It would be easy to simply throw together a PDF, it’s not hard, but I like to have them coloured nicely along with various imagery from the cards. It takes a little bit longer to produce, but I think it’s worth it.

All being well we’ll eventually release our Chinese Propaganda Art companion book sometime next year. Most of it was written over 2 years ago, but it’s ended up being one of those projects that takes a bit of a back seat.

The Chinese Propaganda Art companion book goes into the some of the ideas behind the imagery, which is probably a bit of an added bonus with this kind of imagery since it deals with a whole other culture and time period.

In the meantime enjoy our free PDF printout. Even if you don’t have either the original Propaganda Art Tarot or the Year of Rooster Edition (winter edition), you may find it useful for aiding in the readings of other decks.

The Winter Chinese Propaganda Art Deck

chinese-propaganda-tarot-kidsOriginally written in the winter of 2017.

I really feel that 2017 is going to be a great year for creativity. I always think that 7 is a lucky number, maybe because it’s a spiritual number.

We’ve finally completed the Winter Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot, our Year of the Rooster edition of the deck. This takes our original Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot and gives it a wintry feel. This version of the deck has around 30 new artworks. This makes the Year of the Rooster edition a deck with over a third of the cards being comprised of completely new artworks.

It’s not bad for a deck I originally intended to be “winterized” in the same manner I winterized the King’s Journey Tarot deck; taking the existing imagery and altering it slightly, or, occasionally, dramatically, but still retaining all of the main imagery.

Most of the deck still retains the same imagery in the original Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot but with over 30 new images I really think it is a great stand alone deck.

To mark this occasion we’ve decided to depict a rooster on the back of the cards. This will be the third time the backs have been changed on our Chinese themed deck, with the first being changed due to political reasons which would have prevented publication. So for anyone that has the first edition, you truly have a collector’s item! Those backs can’t be printed anymore. It’s unforeseen, but when you walk the less traveled path sometimes these kinds of things happen. So, a whole new back for this one!

Happy Chinese New Year

fortune-cookie-oracle-divination-cards-tellingOriginally written 28th of January 2017, on the Chinese New Year.

It is the Year of the Rooster in China.

The rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 and 2029. The rooster is almost the epitome of fidelity and punctuality.

We’re excited to announce that we have finished the completion of an Oracle deck of cards that we’ve put together to be released in time for the Chinese New Year.

The Oracle deck has 50 cards in total, all with a unique message contained within. fortune-cookie-asian-chinese-tarot-oracleWith messages taken from actual fortune cookies, we feel that these will be a great accompaniment to Tarot readings, perhaps used as clarification cards for clarifying the outcome card in readings.

The cards are Bridge size 2.25” x 3.5” (57mm x 89mm) and ships directly from our printer.

This is our first venture into the world of Oracle decks and has been a lot of fun illustrating the cards. Since the focus is solely on the fortune cookie, we originally planned for the background of each card to be a carbon copy repeated throughout the deck.

For the most part this is true, but there are a few little changes here and there with the menu!

I must admit that it’s a very different deck than any we’ve done before. it’s the first card deck we’ve ever produced that doesn’t have people or animals. The deck is now available on our site.