The Visiting Cats

Here I was, drawing cats, and very quickly the house seemed to be surrounded by cats!

The strangest thing has been happening since May; ever since I started really putting a lot of thought into the Kiddy Katz Tarot deck; The strange case of the visiting cats.

Before I really get into the story, I want to make it clear that I am not demanding that the following is anything more than simple coincidence, even if it seems a little more than that.

Drawing the images, I started to have more and more cat visitors. Living in a small town, perhaps that should not be surprising. Having lived in the country all my life, and moving to a town, it’s possible that people have cats visiting their homes all the time and don’t think much about it. To cut a long story short, as I continued studying cats and then drawing them as cartoons, we would be visited more and more by these little strays.

Every morning without fail this little one shows up for his breakfast. They are still a little shy I think, but I do my best to not make them frightened.

I guess I’ve allowed myself to see some significance in it. In many of the “think positive” type books, they often talk about attracting what you think about all day long. I had been reading Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and others over the past while, and one thing I kept noticing was that in these books they talk about being able to attract things to you based on what you think. Almost to say that your mind vibrates at a certain level, attracting like minded vibrations to it.

I first started out with Paul McKenna’s books (the famous hypnotist and NLP practitioner) but after having read Hill, Peale and some of the older authors, I realised that a lot of what McKenna has in his bookswere extracts from Think and Grow Rich, Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking.

What I found interesting was the concept of thinking things into existence through a combination of persistence (months of drawing), a definite goal (a full Kiddy Katz Tarot deck) and being able to fully visualise the deck as though it already existed. These three elements, coincidentally, seemed to be what Hill described as the three necessary ingredients to make things happen; a definite goal, persistence, and the practice of seeing it already complete (along with the feelings that go along with it)

As an artist with a lot of faith in things, I’ve seen very strange things become reality; sometimes things that were spoken without being “true” in the sense that it had happened “yet”, but spoken as though it had happened…at some point in “time”. This can be read in another blog.

In the case of the cats, I was not trying to summon them lol, but it crossed my mind; did I attract the cats through some unconscious thought? Before anyone thinks this is totally ridiculous, I don’t think it’s any more unbelievable than suggesting we can get special insight into people’s lives through reading cards.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have some amount of belief that the cards are able to give insight into people’s lives, as do I. In the creation of the decks on this site, as an artist I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the best readers out there and have seen almost surreal results. (Continues below)


church_origSo last night I went out for a walk to buy a few light bulbs. The lights have been blowing out nearly every week (no, I don’t think that is anything suspicious, maybe just bad house wiring lol). As I walked past the local catholic chapel, a “meow” came from the grave stones. Sitting beneath a Celtic cross shaped headstone, a little black cat meowed at me, then jumped over the wall. I did not know who owned it but it decided to walk down the street with me and was really friendly.

I laughed and called it “spooky cat” and it meowed again. I felt a bit bad because I am sure that the cat had an owner, but I couldn’t get it to shoo. It followed me the whole way home, past all the fallen leaves. I gave the wee cat some friskies and hoped it would head home, although it had no collars or anything like that. I figured if it was homeless, it would still be there in the morning, but it headed off. I don’t know too much about cats admittedly.

As I write, a white and black cat walks into our yard. That one is a new addition and arrived about 5 days ago, so I haven’t got a name for him yet. I like the idea of them being a good luck omen or something of that nature.


A few weeks ago I got up from my slumber in the middle of the night and made my catindark_origway to get a glass of water. I happened to look out the window and there was a cat out in the middle of the road staring at our house.

It’s a very quiet neighborhood and so there were no cars to interrupt the cat from its seat. While it seemed strange to see the cat in the darkness, sitting up, staring at the house without so much as a movement, after about ten minutes I went back to bed. Then I dreamed of cats….

This, of course, coming from a person who was not normally someone who would think much about cats, is still a little strange to me. Then again, like I said earlier; when you put tremendous focus into something, you inevitably dream about it somewhere along the line. I awoke about a few hours later and once again went downstairs to get some water…and the cat was STILL there. How strange. It was sitting in the exact place it was sitting 2 hours before. I woke Christine and she thought it was pretty spooky too lol. Maybe that’s what cats do, I don’t know. Has anyone heard of cats staring at houses for hours? Or maybe it had walked away and came back to the same spot. I don’t know.