Words Found In The Twisted Tarot Tales

c147b8c2-490a-4426-b985-094fffb508caWords. They can create peace, or devastate the world, even lead to war. I know this all too well. I’ve made friends over words, but probably more often than not, lost friends over them; Usually through a difference of political opinion. In my case I’ve even lost friends over the various subject matter I’ve illustrated (regardless of if I myself actually agree with it or not)

I’ve stayed awake at night over words, and I’ve been comforted by them. They affect us all.

So what’s in a word? Everything. Things can be misinterpreted, but the very fact that it must be interpreted, be it the written word, or the vocal, seems like it could lend itself to the world of giving readings, fortune telling or whatever you would prefer to call it.

So it came to me that maybe I should document the words used in our Twisted Tarot Tales in the off-chance it might interest those who already have the deck, or for the casual reader.


Waldo (Querent card) – “cannot predict now”, “ask again later” “outlook good” and “don’t count on it”

The Fool – “Twisted Tarot Tales” and “tickets”

Magician (Alternative) A collection of words relating to magic and stage shows (too numerous to mention here)

High Priestess – the contents of a Ouija board which includes numbers, letters and “good bye” “yes” and “no”

The High Priestess (Elvira version) – A collection of fictional book titles (too numerous to mention here)

Empress (GMO laden shopper) – “Agent Oranges” “Satanto” “Gmo corn” “Gmo pizza” “crazy cola” and “cheese whiz”

Lovers (green mutant version) – “Death”

Chariot – “Road Works Ahead” “x-tine 666” “5 mph” and “caution”

Hermit – “Aguiar’s self serve”

Wheel of Fortune – “Must be this height to ride”

Justice (Mutant Frog Scientist) – “Frog Spawn”

Justice (Female Sheriff version) “Sheriff”

Hanged Man – “Twisted Tarot Tales” “no smoking” and “next stop hell”

Death (Trick or treat version) “Letters” and “No 13”

Temperance – “Snake Skin” “Crows Feathers” “Frog’s Legs” “Eye of Newts” “Flies” “Pigs feet” “love” “spells” “peace” “seed” “temper”

Devil (Alt Santa version) – “Toys”

The Tower (Stan Lee version) “Invasion” and “Giant Size Tales of Suspense”

e58c4e01-be24-4aa8-aef6-b10a730f16b9The Star – “Hollywood” “Hot dogs” “no parking” “tow-away” “free shuttle” and “express”

The Moon – “Girls” “Lady Luna” “xxx” and “pizza”

Judgement – “Zombie eat flesh” “A spoonful of GMO’s helps the truth go down” “special deep fried brains” “eyeball parfait”, “one billion zombies served” and “McSantos”

Judgement – (exclusive Pet Sematary movie Indiegogo campaign edition) “Pet Sematary”

Rabid Racoon – “Cardboard only” “notice” “Caution: Do not play in or around this container”


Ace of Cups – “fright for love”, “terror” “John 3:16” and “mega cup”

3 of Cups – “Happy Birthday” and “Good Guys”

4 of Cups – “Pine Ridge” “White Clay” “Open eyes not cans” and “office”

6 of Cups – “Twisted Ghost Train”

7 of Cups “Honey”

406c00f0-8931-4aa6-91a5-30ab491fd8cf8 of Cups (Giant sewer rat version) –“Twisted”, “The Killer Rat” “beer” and “grape”

Knight of Cups – “Knight”

Queen of Cups – “Cheese whiz” and “Crazy cola”

King of Cups – “White Clay Beer” and “Satanto”


Ace of Pentacles (palm crossed with silver version) “The Fool” “Strength” and “The Moon”

3 of Pentacles (booger monster version) – “snot nosed brats club” “twisted tarot tales” “nay nay”and “my little phoney”

4 of Pentacles – “Irish Whiskey” (on the bottles in the background)

7 of Pentacles – (exclusive movie edition) “Ex-Skull-ent Value Meats” “Farmer Vinny’s”

Knight of Pentacles (Alt version with Ice-cream van) – “I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream” “knight” and “truck”

4af9e85b-175d-4ccf-ab7f-1759f0c6c96bQueen of Pentacles – “Welcome to Fort Knox”

King of Pentacles – “The Prospector”, “The general store” and “oil of dog”


2 of Swords – “See the amazing Serina swallow swords”

3 of Swords – “Spells” and “Love curse”

7 Swords – “Romero’s Market” and “blow”

8 of Swords – (exclusive movie edition) “Peanut Butter” “Trapped” and “Michael’s Fright”

10 of Swords – (exclusive movie edition) “Bio-Tec” “Lab” and the name “Curran”

Page of Swords – A quote from Stephen Hawking which reads “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”

Page of Swords (ALT cyborg version) – “NSA” “Spyware” “Spybook” and “Prism”


2 of Wands (Triumphant Gorilla version) – “Tinder Box”, “mountains”, “sea” and “Undiscovered”

4 of Wands – (exclusive movie edition) “Bats Motel” and “No vacancy” (though somewhat obscured)

8 of Wands – “Welcome to Pahrump, heart of the new old west”, “coast to coast”, “roswell”, “spooky matter” “airstream” and “dark matter”

9 of Wands – (exclusive movie edition) “Horror in the 30’s and 40’s” “Twisted Tales” and “Ghosts” (though somewhat obscured). On the Calculator it reads “Hellhole”

There you have it. All of the words found in Twisted Tarot Tales. This article is an addition to the extensive information found in the Twisted Tarot Tales Companion Guide.


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