Winter Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot

chinese-tarot-communist-asian-oriental-divinationWhat a time to think about releasing our Winter version of the Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot; words like “propaganda” are being bandied about daily and the western world seems to have gone anti-Russia very, very quickly ( not that the deck is Russian themed, but the hammer and sickle symbol has been associated with both countries )

Depending on who you ask, some people enjoy the communist hammer and sickle symbol, and others do not. This is something that I am aware of personally. I remember being out in Budapest about ten years ago now and one of our friends had a soviet themed hip flask, complete with hammer and sickle. They thought nothing over it, not being aware that it was offensive to any particular country (he’d picked it up when we stopped off in Prague). In Budapest however, our friend was advised to hide the flask in public due to the soviet symbolism.

The original Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot has been controversial, and it will not appeal to everyone. In fact, it was not supposed to appeal to everyone. It wasn’t created for everyone. It wasn’t supposed to be on the market initially but since it had taken me over a year to illustrate and we were living on my savings at the time, I released it in the hopes I may make a little from it’s sale.

Christine wanted to do a winter themed version of the deck and so we set about chinese-propaganda-tarot-kidsdoing that in late November 2016.

The deck features 30 completely new artworks never printed before, along with the rest of the cards which have a new winter makeover.

To the right we see the new Three of Swords. The image is based on a real Chinese propaganda poster and Christine was able to identify with it. Christine’s recalls that her mother had her hair cut when she was younger and she wasn’t very happy about it at all lol

A lot of Chinese propaganda posters from that era feature soldiers that are just like part of the family.

You’ll find them helping out villagers, carrying groceries for elderly people, helping elderly ladies across the street, that sort of thing. So, although it may seem strange to see a soldier playing the role of barber, the idea behind it is that the role of a soldier is to be a soldier for the people.

We’re finishing up the last few cards, but here is the link to the deck : )

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