The Winter Chinese Propaganda Art Deck

chinese-propaganda-tarot-kidsOriginally written in the winter of 2017.

I really feel that 2017 is going to be a great year for creativity. I always think that 7 is a lucky number, maybe because it’s a spiritual number.

We’ve finally completed the Winter Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot, our Year of the Rooster edition of the deck. This takes our original Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot and gives it a wintry feel. This version of the deck has around 30 new artworks. This makes the Year of the Rooster edition a deck with over a third of the cards being comprised of completely new artworks.

It’s not bad for a deck I originally intended to be “winterized” in the same manner I winterized the King’s Journey Tarot deck; taking the existing imagery and altering it slightly, or, occasionally, dramatically, but still retaining all of the main imagery.

Most of the deck still retains the same imagery in the original Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot but with over 30 new images I really think it is a great stand alone deck.

To mark this occasion we’ve decided to depict a rooster on the back of the cards. This will be the third time the backs have been changed on our Chinese themed deck, with the first being changed due to political reasons which would have prevented publication. So for anyone that has the first edition, you truly have a collector’s item! Those backs can’t be printed anymore. It’s unforeseen, but when you walk the less traveled path sometimes these kinds of things happen. So, a whole new back for this one!

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