The Fortune Hearts Oracle

heart2Similar to our Fortune Cookie Oracle, the Fortune Hearts Oracle features nicely cute coloured hearts that are sure to brighten up any reading, no matter how dire the answer! lol.

I envision these, just as I envision any of our decks, on the table tops of fortune tellers across the world be they in home readings, gypsy parlours or outdoor psychic faires. Make your stalls more inviting and attract an audience with these nice colourful hopeful cards!

The backs are inspired by the American Sweethearts candy box, featuring a similar font, a few extra hearts and a few alterations, to still stay within the general idea and visual feel of the famous candies.

I have really enjoyed putting together an Oracle deck to celebrate Valentine’s day fortune-heart-oracle-6called Fortune Hearts.

​Based on the American Sweethearts candy (In the UK they are called Love Hearts) each of the 50 hearts/cards have a little message on relationships that can be used to guide relationship themed readings.

The cards are created as bridge sized cards ( 56mm x 88mm, 2.25″ x 3.5″ inches ) and are 300gsm professional quality card stock with blue core (smooth finish) like our Fortune Cookie Oracle released a few weeks ago.

Please note while the cards are designed and inspired by Valentine’s day, we make no guarantees that the cards will arrive on Valentines (in fact it’s next to impossible). That being said, love is supposed to last much longer than the 14th of February right?! lol Love is for life, not just for Valentines!


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