Spooky Cats Tarot Kickstarter Project


halloween-artistWe’re excited to announce that our campaign is now over 80% funded on Kickstarter. Click here to see the campaign. So many great people, so many destinations for the decks; USA, Israel, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and for the first time ever, South Korea. As a lover of maps and geography, seeing the locations is really exciting.

So this evening I’m getting a few more of the cards drawn between giving out candy to the Trick or Treaters 🙂

Working on the cards has been really great for my sanity lol…I’m serious! Being diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago, has been a little hard, I must admit, and of course I see the irony in drawing a bunch of candy throughout the cards!

halloween-tarot-catsDrawing is very therapeutic and allows you to forget about things for awhile. You’re able to immerse yourself in this little world that you create. In a way I feel I “exist” in this little Halloween Spooky Cats world while I draw it, and when Halloween ends tomorrow…well, It won’t be ending for me. I can deal with that. My Halloween will last, most likely, well into the Christmas season, as I bring these little characters to life.


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