Our Halloween Deck


With just 22 hours left before the Kiddy Katz / Spooky Cats campaign is over, we want to give a great big thank you to all of you who have shared and contributed to our campaign. The support has been really appreciated.

There’s still time to guarantee a New Years gift for yourself or a friend.

Here’s a little insight into what went into a few of our Spooky Cats cards…

spooky-cats-halloween-cupsThe 4 of Cups is inspired by a stuffed toy I always wanted for Christmas but never got. It was called “My Pet Monster”. Like many toys, the commercial appeared on television and captivated me. Looking back on it now, of course, the same toy doesn’t seem so exciting, but I remember how it made me feel. I’m inclined to think that it was a popular toy at the time and possibly they had sold out and so Santa just wasn’t able to deliver lol.

One of the things I enjoy about creating imagery for decks is that you can add personal things into the cards without necessarily having to take away from the overall meaning of the card. Most of the cards include personal meanings to me, but will probably not mean anything specific to anyone else.

With the 4 of Cups, I thought I would recreate that mood all over again, only this time the little figure has the “My Pet Monster” costume and is trying to enjoy Halloween.

So as you can see I had to take quite a few liberties with the design, just to make it tarot-kids-monster-cats-halloweenappear more interesting, since the real character is in the face. Since I didn’t want to wipe out every feline aspect, I decided to keep the face uncovered. For the most part though it does bear some similarities.

I enjoy reading about some people’s thoughts on the “energy” behind cards. I’ve even heard some readers say that certain decks are “soulless”. Not mine thankfully, but it does remind one that some readers do pay attention, not just to the imagery on the cards, but the personality behind them.

In this link you can see the commercial that influenced me as a kid.

Next up is the Three of Brooms.

kiddy-katz-tarot-kittens-cats-three-wandsThe little kitty looks out into the distance. This was inspired by the many nights I sat looking out into the distance at my parent’s house. This is one memory that has become a recurring theme and was and is very important to me. The horizon was full of promise. There was, what appeared a kind of phantom Ferris wheel, along with the shimmering lights of a Carousel; complete with the plastic horses that bob up and down. It was very beautiful, almost like the promise of a child’s view of heaven.

When I eventually grew up, the Carousel disappeared. In reality it was never really there. Instead what I was seeing was a faraway town. To this day, though, I still see the dancing Carousel far in the distance. It still shimmers like it did when I was just a child.

Every time I see the Three of Wands and the figure looking out into the distance, I tarot-cats-halloweenalways think about the feeling I used to get when I looked out and thought I saw something really great.

For our next card we visit The Devil card. It made perfect sense to use the theme of the deck to lead me in certain directions! Since much of Halloween for a child involves costumes and becoming someone else for a day, some of the costumes made perfect sense.

spooky-cats-tarot-devilThis costume was really influenced by the movie Problem Child. This was one of my favourite movies growing up as a kid and my particular favourite scene was Jr not really being invited to the little girl’s party. The reason being is that the little girl feels Jr isn’t a “real kid” because he’s adopted. Rather tragic, but of course Jr gets his own back; dressed as a mischievous little devil he completely ruins her party.

For those wondering about the little creature to the left of our costumed devil; that would be a Devil’s Coach Horse, (although I grew up knowing it with the unflattering name of “Coffin Cutter”) It was my neighbour who gave it that name, but now in the days of the Internet, a google search confirms that that name “Coffin Cutter” is actually is a nickname of a particular Crayfish.

Regardless, the Devil’s Coach Horse used to scare me when I would play around in the dirt with plastic army figures.

To round this little article up, we’ll close with the 6 of Cups.

The greatest of joys! As a kid growing up in Ireland, there was little fanfare in kiddy-katz-6-cups-cats-tarotHalloween merchandise. A few cheap plastic masks, sparklers, and fireworks for the adults. As you can imagine then, some of the best fun was actually creating our own masks, usually hewn from the back of Rice Krispies boxes, and coloured with pens, but sometimes paint brushes.

The 6 of Cups is usually viewed as revisiting childhood.
In the 6 of Cups for the Kiddy Katz Tarot, it features an elderly Kiddy Kat, complete with Apple Pie in the window. That card was inspired by my grandma who I looked after in her later life and who passed to the other side last year. With these kind of decks I feel that I can add a little bit more personality into them. Obviously every deck has its personality; King’s Journey, Twisted Tarot Tales etc, they all have a different feel to them. Regardless of the deck, it’s inevitable that the artist will leave behind their personality in at least a few of the cards but I really feel these last few decks resonate the most with me



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