New Spooky Cats Tarot Cards

spooky-tarot-cats-kittensI think my favorite card has to be the High Priestess Tarot Reader. She’s reading fortune-teller-tarot-cat-halloween-spookywith a few of the unused, but fully finished, card images from our Kiddy Katz Tarot (6 of Coins, 4 of Cups and 9 of Cups to be precise) and has a little spider overseeing her readings.

Another favorite is the 4 of Wands, as the owner of the house peers out the window looking for trick-or-treaters but perhaps finding none…or at least, that is how I feel myself at times lol. The past few years I’ve had a pumpkin bucket full of candy and no one seems to show up. Then again I think the idea of trick-or-treating has never fully taken off in my local town.

I also like the Ace of Cups where we see two kids coming up the pathway; the one in front with a pumpkin mask. I am also rather fond of the 7 of Cups and 2 of Pumpkins as they feature the iconic Freddy Krueger costume! lol

We’re still happily working on our Spooky Cats Tarot each day and will continually update the Indiegogo campaign page when we have more sketches and finished cards. The deck celebrates that most spooky time of year.




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