Horror Tarot: Card Connections Part 1

Here’s Part 1 of our Horror themed card connections. These were totally random instances were the cards seem to blend to create two scenes, sometimes almost seamlessly. First up is the alternative version Ace of Coins and our Lust card.


Next is the 5 of Swords and the Alternative King of Swords. The lighthouse beam shines across into the streetlights in the alt King of Swords


Here we have the 5 of Swords again, this time with the Knight of Wands, only this time the lighthouse beam meets the sun.


One of my favorites. The badly defeated man in the 2 of Pentacles reaches into the Ace of Cups through the Television in the hopes of snatching the little girl’s popcorn! Yipes


The next set sees another play on the “hand reaching through the TV screen”. Maybe the man in the Alt 8 of Cups card wants to feed the giant rat some popcorn!


Did you enjoy these? Want to see more? Of course you do! Click here for part 2

If you’d like to get a deck of our horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales for yourself, click here to visit the store, or watch the video below to see the cards in action.

If you have any card connections of your own, please share it with us in the comments below. We’re only showing the connections we’ve found personally!


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