Go Easy On The Brew This New Year’s Eve!

Originally written 12/29/2016

temperance-tarot-chinese_origAs we approach the New Year, it will be a time for celebration and like much of the Western world (and beyond?) much alcohol will be consumed in Ireland.

That brings me around to our newest edition for the Winter Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot deck. It’s still a work in progress but is based on our original Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot. Our Temperance card features a man saying no to Alcohol, but could be seen as saying “no more”, as in, no I’ve got to drive home and don’t want to take my life in my hands by going over the limit. Like many of our cards, this one is based on an existing work, but illustrated and made over in our own style. It could also represent abstinence. It’s a card I’m really happy with and I think it’s turned out really well.

As for New Year, I’ll probably have a bit of a quiet one, either sharing it with my siblings, or just a quiet night in with Christine.

110808_asahi_global_new_topChristine doesn’t drink but despite not being much of a beer drinker, I may have a few beers. I tend to prefer cider and whiskey, but I couldn’t resist trying a few foreign beers as they came across my radar a few days ago while having a walk through Sainsburys.

As I write this, I am sampling the Japanese brand Asahi beer. According to the bottle it is Japan’s number 1 beer. Is it Japan’s number 1 beer in fact, or is it fake news? Lol I cannot possibly verify.

tsingtaoI’ve also got a brand of Chinese beer called Tsingtao. Hopefully I am not culturally appropriating too much, though in my case I prefer the term cultural appreciation. That’s what I liked a lot about travelling. Sampling the local food and drink.

So I hope you take advice from our guy in the Temperance card and not drink too much! And for heaven’s sake if you really must drink too much, get someone to hide your car keys in advance!

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