Animal Totems Part 2 ; The Insects



Ah, normally I do not buy into the whole trigger warning thing but I recognize that many have a fear of insects; in particular spiders. Why upset my readers if I can avoid it? Yet, for those not offended by our smaller inhabitants of earth, I share with you some which I have encountered over the years, mainly in Ireland, but further afield too!

The first totem post focused more on animals. This time around I wanted to focus more on insects.

tarot-totems-animals-meanings Featured here are photographs that I took, mostly about ten years ago, of the insects that exist in Northern Ireland.

I openly state that I do not know of their true names, but only that they wander about amidst the wild flowers and trees outside my home.

In the Twisted Tarot Tales we feature mostly animals, but insects also play a big part too. The spider, the bee and the ant play the role of attacker in some of these cards.

When I was younger I used to squash insects but as time passed, I felt bad about it. I try not to do that anymore and instead lift them and set them outside. Generally I look at it that they all have a right to live since God saw fit to put them together with body parts and life.

That being said, even to this day I am guilty of sentencing some of them to death. It tarot-totem-spiritual-interpretationis not maliciousness you understand, but out of fear. I do not like the wasps because i’m always told they have a really bad sting. That and unlike honey bees they can keep stinging without worrying about dying.

On the right we see the paper wasp. In Ireland we do not have those. When I first set foot in America and was in Ohio, I encountered these and I must say to you, they were a bit strange to me. They were a much bigger wasp than I was used to. I didn’t like them all that much. I admit I did kill a few and later found a full nest below the trailer I was staying in. They seemed to be as big as the huge dragonflies of Florida which I encountered four years later. The dragonflies, of course, were not a concern. I just do not like things that sting or bite and will avoid them if I can. In the U.S my favorite insects were the fireflies.

tarot-totems-spiritual-meaningsTo the left we see another photo I took in 2007. Again I do not know their names, but these bugs were found, mating i suppose, amidst the whin bushes ( also known as gorse bushes) which grow around N.Ireland and Scotland, England etc.

Sometimes when I was much younger I would follow some of the insects to their homes. I think what I learned about the insects was more the vastness of what God created. Millions of creatures exist, and many have yet to be discovered in the caves and jungles of the world. We tend to think that everything has been discovered, but news species are still being found today.


On the left is a strange creature believed to be a nymph. It was discovered after researchers from the University of Harvard trekked for three weeks to explore the untouched rain-forest of southeast Suriname.

While creatures like ants, spiders and bees exist in our Tarot deck, some of these creatures which i speak of, currently, do not. I show them, rather, to share with you a little of my photography but also to share the little world that exists in our own. They exist in a world where many giants roam about. Even a rabbit or fox is giant to them, never mind cattle or humans.

Below right is what I refer to as the C3P0 beetle, only because I do not know its name and it reminds of the Star Wars cyborg. I took this photo out in Belgrade, Serbia when i traveled through there in 2007. Perhaps an Eastern European may have seen this beetle before and be able to identify it.


I will relay a funny story. I normally am pretty understanding about people being scared of bugs, i mean I mentioned earlier that I do not like wasps. So one day Christine lets out a scream upstairs while I was downstairs. I thought she’d done something drastic, like accidentally cut herself doing whatever, it sounded very serious. So I rush upstairs to see if she’s OK. Turns out there was a little spider in the bath tub. I admit I got a little frustrated and said something a long the lines of “come on, it’s just a spider”…

So the next evening I’m sitting at the computer and above my head I see this big spider, I mean big for the UK / Ireland. It shocked the hell out of me. Normally I lift the spiders in my hand and set them outside but not this one…

tarot-meanings-totemsGod has a sense of humour! Yes, here I was figuring out how the hell I was going to get this spider out of the house. Ok so it’s no Goliath Bird Eating Spider, it’s no tarantula, I get it, but you have to understand that for all I knew it had come in on some foreign imports. Was it poisonous?

I reacted in the same way I would seeing the spiders in the states. In the states a few people would laugh at me for being a bit concerned with spiders etc, but we hear all these horror stories of poisonous spiders dissolving human flesh that I didn’t want to take my chances. In America I was warned about the brown recluse spider, and this spider in my living room, I must admit, looked a little like it

horror-tarot-comics-halloweenSo it turned out that the spider was probably called Giant House Spider, the largest spider in the UK, though it appears they can grow much larger. I learned something in that some spiders in the UK actually do bite. I have only been bitten by spiders in the U.S and Egypt, but not in the UK. And yes, the Giant House Spider does bite but is not poisonous.

Alright so maybe I was exaggerating. In the photo it doesn’t look too big of a deal. It was sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, and that was the end of him…

Until I see him walking past me the very next afternoon. A tough sucker! So I scooped him up and put him outside.

Thanks for reading this Twisted Tarot Tales Insects article 🙂


(ABOVE: an excerpt from the Twisted Tarot Tales companion book. The rat and seagull are just a few of many of the animals and birds found in the deck)

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