Horror Tarot: Card Connections Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Horror Tarot card connections, where we show you the card combinations we’ve found so far in the deck. Many intuitive card readers find borderless cards helpful because often they create the kind of free-flowing narrative where bordered cards, by their design, cannot.

Click here for Part 1

We continue with number 6 below, where we see the 3 of Pentacles merge with the Lovers card through the “swoosh”. In the 3 of Pentacles we see a kind of mist as the spooky monster comes to life from the comic artist’s drawing table. Though a simple mist in the 3 of Pentacles, it becomes the speed lines of the car crash in the Lovers card.


In example 7 we see the Sun card, when turned upside down, connects to the Queen of Pentacles. The sun rays merge with the spotlights pointing to the gold loving 50 ft woman robbing Fort Knox.


Here we see our zombie hunting Granny G merge with the 7 of swords by means of the zombie hordes. While their color differs somewhat, we see in the foreground that the hands extend into the Romero’s grocery store scene.


In example 9 below we see a corn connection. The mutant Satanto crop reaches the shelves of the supermarket in our Empress card, and here it is growing in the fields. Through the crop, through nutrition, we see a connection in the Empress and Knight of Pentacles card.


Here is a great example of how the cards occasionally connect vertically. the 2 of Swords and Alternative Hanged Man. While she holds two swords in the 2 of Swords card, it could be read as a rope, a connection to a net holding a powerless man. (or is he powerless? If only he’d reach for that knife at his side and cut himself free)


Did you enjoy these card connections? Click here to see part 3. our final installment of our Horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales card connections!

If you’d like to get a deck of our horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales for yourself, click here to visit the store, or watch the video below to see the cards in action.

If you have any card connections of your own, please share it with us in the comments below. We’re only showing the connections we’ve found personally!


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